Writing 101, Day Eight: Death to Adverbs

“Today’s assignment is to go to a local cafe, park, or public place and report on what you see.  Get detailed:  leave no nuance behind.   The twist is to write an adverb-free post.”

Last week, I went to the local farmers market and surprised by a long line of people, that extended for more than two blocks before the entrance.

As I walked pass the line, I saw a:

  • baby boy or girl with skin the color of dark chocolate, the brightest eyes, and curly brown hair, sitting in a stroller, surrounded by stuffed animals, quietly sucking on a pacifier.
  • beautiful little girl in a pastel blue, ruffled, princess dress, wearing a small gold tiara asking her mom, in a sulky voice, “How much longer, now?”
  • two toddlers, playing quietly in a red metal wagon with Radio Flyer printed on both sides as the mother quietly read her Kindle.

A short time later, I began to smell burning wood and the air filled with smoke.  My eyes began to water, the nose was itching, and the coughing started.  I reached for the blue inhaler, that I always carry, and took two puffs.  Better, the airways opened up, and breathing was no longer labored.

Then, I saw the culprit.  A red wagon on wheels, similar to the wagon used to transport circus animals, absent bars on the windows.  Huge masses of smoke billowed out from the windows consuming the air outside.  People, who had waited in line, were now able to crowd around the wagon windows and place their orders for smoked turkey legs.

I entered the farmers market, without a wait, and purchased farm-grown vegetables, handmade crafts, grained-raised chicken, and fresh honey from Florida bees.   Who needs a turkey leg?


Author: SeasonedSistah2

During this final season life, I am going on a journey to define "ME." Opening up and going outside of my comfort zone to redefine ME.. Exploring and pursuing new interests that will lead to personal happiness, serenity, and tranquility. In undertaking this mission, overcoming the FEAR is my greatest challenge. Fear has played a large role in my life, but I overcame the FEAR of breast cancer, chronic pain associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and Sleep Apnea. My new mantra: FEAR has two meanings: "(1) Forget Everything And Run, or (2) Face Everything and Rise. The Choice is Mine." Blogging here I come ready or not!!!

7 thoughts on “Writing 101, Day Eight: Death to Adverbs”

  1. these writing assignments are good, but I miss the blogs that you post -just because you want to share an experience with us that is meaningful to you!


    1. Thank you for the advice. After writing the Fathers Day post, a spurt of energy and enthusiasm arrived. It is difficult for me to write other than my truth based on my thoughts and experiences. But, my mind is trained to finish what I start. So, I am back on board with Lesson 9 of the Writing Class, which I completed today. But promise to stay on tope of my regular weekly blog. Still have to write Part # of Happy Times with the Librarian – The Tour of Orlando. See you in a couple of weeks.


    1. Now, the Turkey Legs at Disney are fantabulous, at least they were about five years ago. Grandkids coming in mid-July, trip to Disney on the schedule. Will let you know if I can pass the Turkey Legs by.


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