International Peace Day

Reblogging this post from “My Eyes Are Up Here,” which inspired me to Let Go. Today, I choose to rise about what is occuring in this country — the hatred of the “other”, vitriolic language, and violent acts that I have allowed to steal my peaceful moments.

My Eyes Are Up Here

Today is International Peace Day. I think a lot about peace and I try hard to cultivate it within myself as well as to be a peaceful participant in the world around me. The degree of success varies but it is rare that a day goes by without my being mindful of my intent.

I have not written as frequently as in the past, in part, because my mind is fragmented. My emotions are fragmented. The world is not making sense. There are many things going on but they are all getting wrapped up literally and metaphorically in our U.S. Presidential election. It is white male heterosexual privilege against everyone else. We have a major presidential candidate with no experience who is viable just because he is white, heterosexual, powerful, and more importantly, an explicit spewer of hate and selfishness. When he cheats, he is savvy. His exploitation of peopleā€¦

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