The Traveling Swing Play Set

In 1998, the eldest daughter purchased and had this swing play set erected in her backyard.  I said, “Oh, this is great for the grands.  Little did I know how much happiness and joy this swing play set would open my life up to.

The Traveling Swing Set

Location #1

During the summer months, the swing play set area was where I spent quality one-on-one time with my grandchildren.

Their play set activities quickly expanded beyond swinging, climbing, and sliding.

And the creative, spontaneous and impromptu activities took over.  I began to wonder whether, “Did my children lack imagination as kids?  Or, are these grandkids little creative geniuses?”

The two partially closed-off areas of the play set was their stage; and, they gifted me with self-directed, memorable, and creative performances in many:

  • Talent Shows
  • Dance Contests
  • Musicals
  • Plays

Eventually, the older two grandchildren lost interest.  And the swing play set stayed childless in the eldest daughter’s backyard for several years.

Location #2

The eldest daughter decided to gift the swing play set to her sister; and, it moved to a new backyard.

Happy summer days again, sitting in youngest daughter’s backyard sharing new swing play set experiences with my youngest grandson, CJ.  This neighborhood was more child friendly and the swing play set was a magnet to attract other boys in CJs age range.

They competed; and, I acted as the judge to select the:

  • Highest Swinger
  • Strongest Monkey Bar Hanger
  • Best Backward Slider

Now, a 14-year-old, CJ backyard activities revolve around soccer and basketball.  So, several weeks ago, youngest daughter gifted the swing play set to her brother.

Location #3

The play set is now in the backyard of the home we own in Wisconsin.  After we retired and relocated to Florida, our son moved into the house with his five-year-old daughter.

Though, I will not spend the same amount of time with Cupcake, as she explores and discovers different swing play set activities; I will patiently wait until next summer to have this special experience with her.

Why the Traveling Swing Play Set Is Important

This swing set has been a part of my life for more than sixteen years; and, I am happy that it now sits in the backyard of our Wisconsin home for our youngest granddaughter.

Ultimately, Cupcake will outgrow the swing play set,  When this happens, I hope it moves to a new place, that will bring happiness and joy to other children and their families

I am grateful to my four grandchildren for my past, present and future memories of spending time with them on The Traveling Swing Play Set.

Image 10
Lady C, 22-Years-Old
King George, 18-years-old
CJ, 14-years-old


photo 1
Cupcake, 5-yard-old


My Healing Container Garden

A gardener, I am not.  But, when I retired to Florida more than four years ago, I decided our lanai was too cold and sterile.  So to add life, I purchased a few plants to bring color and life into this space.

Since that time, the container garden has gotten bigger and bigger.  Daily, I retreat to My Healing Garden to meditate, pray, and be still.

My Healing Garden Photos










12 Ideas For Breast Cancer Healing Gardens That Bring Comfort And Peace

My healing container garden uplifts me spiritually, emotionally and physically. Within this special space, I relax, meditate, and most important, I AM STILL.

Breast Cancer Authority

Breast Cancer Comfort & Peace Garden Ideas

By Breast Cancer Yoga Staff.

Breast cancer therapy gardens can take as many forms as the plants within them, the end results are the same-healing spaces that bring comfort and peace to those who use them. The reshaping of your environment can promote prevention of health problems. Therapeutic gardens and horticulture therapy are a great part of a holistic approach to recovery.

Healing Garden Ideas:

1. Use lush, colorful planting that is varied and interesting
2. Use flowering plants over several seasons to mark the seasons and provide a sense of cyclical rhythm throughout the year.
3. Use trees whose foliage moves easily and creates noise even in a slight breeze.
4. Use plants and other devices (such as feeders and birdbaths) to attract birds and butterflies.
5. Use a harmonious variety of plant textures, forms and colors.
6. If possible, add a water feature. Moving water creates a…

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10 Tips for Better Air Travel with Fibromyalgia

Embarking on traveling by air to gather with family for the third time in six weeks. Will certainly incorporate some of the points shared in this post. Hopefully, this trip will be less stressful than the first two.

The Fibromyalgia Thriver's Guide

From my recent trip to visit my mom, I want to share a few things I learned about how to better manage traveling by plane with fibromyalgia.

My mom and I live about 500 miles apart so I flew to visit her.


Yes, alone.

I planned the trip for several weeks.  I weighed my options and made my decisions based on my personal worst-case and even best-case scenarios.

Now I think it is important to let you know going to see my mom is probably not like going to see your mom.  My mother is also disabled and suffers from several mental illnesses so it is not just my own health I have to consider but hers as well.

So my Step One: Rent a car!!!  But for you this might mean decide if you need a rental.

Where mom doesn’t own a car and where she can decompensate mentally at a rapid rate…

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Creating Your World of Abundance

Wednesday, July 23, I will begin to create my own abundance by following the 21 Day Contract presented in this post, which was originally posted by my blogging friend, Karuna, over at Living, Learning and Letting Go.

Living, Learning and Letting Go

I suspect all of us prefer living from a sense of abundance rather than scarcity. Moving from scarcity to abundance, however, requires that we change our unhealthy beliefs and behaviors, many of which have probably become habits.

Over the years, some of my clients have found it helpful to make the abundance contracts that I describe in this post. Each contract is based on principles I have learned in my personal and/or professional journey.


1. In order to achieve your vision you need to create one!

2. Nothing is as powerful as gratitude for changing your mood and your outlook on life.

3. 100% commitment to your vision is important if you are to get it!

4. The current state of your mind will not change unless you actively work to change it.

5. If you surround yourself with bad news and negative people you will become negative yourself…

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Weekend Reading – Breast Cancer Magazines

Sitting aside quiet time to read these Breast Cancer magazines recommended by Breast Cancer Authority. Thank you Breast Cancer Authority for recommending.

Breast Cancer Authority

Try some of these free online magazines. These publications do a good job explaining and communicating facts, news, and the personal side of breast cancer.

The Pink Paper – FREE MAGAZINE  –  This is a gift to you and the Breast Cancer Authority Blog community from Roy and Natalie, founders of The Pink Paper. They will no longer be offering the print magazine, but will still provide many helpful articles, expert blogs and wonderful resources.

Breast Can­cer Wellness – FREE MAGAZINE – The mis­sion of Breast Can­cer Well­ness is to sup­port the men­tal, emo­tional, phys­i­cal, spir­i­tual and envi­ron­men­tal heal­ing needs of women fac­ing breast can­cer, no mat­ter what age or stage of the journey.

Cure – FREE MAGAZINE has become the source of information and inspiration for those on the cancer journey. CURE magazine, is the indispensable guide for every stage of the cancer experience. CURE Magazine combines science…

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Learn A Yoga Pose For Breast Cancer – Side Child Restorative Yoga Pose

I plan to restart practicing Yoga at home. When I took Yoga classes at the Y, last year, I was uncomfortable because others in the class were experienced Yogis. At some point, I may return to classes. But right now my Yoga comfort-level is withYoga Videos and the Breast Cancer Authority Blog.

Breast Cancer Authority

Side Child Yoga Pose For Breast Cancer

Learn A Safe & Supported Yoga Pose For Breast Cancer – Side Child Restorative Yoga Pose.

By Diana Ross, E-RYT 500, Founder of Breast Cancer Yoga.

The purpose of a relaxed pose may be obvious. Relaxation is intended to rid the body and mind of the negative effects of stress, unwanted thoughts, anxiety, fear, and then to create a state of rest. You will love this pose. Deep relaxation is a definite result of this well supported pose. It relieves anxiety and promotes well-being while balancing the healing response of the autonomic nervous system.

  • Promotes progressive muscle relaxation
  • Brings the nervous system back into balance
  • Strengthens the relaxation response in your day-to-day life
  • Relieves anxiety and promotes well-being
  • Facilitates parasympathetic healing response
  • Has a “moment-to-moment” experience for both internal and external
  • Reduces strain on sciatica joints


  1. Begin on back, then  roll onto right side, extend right lower leg…

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Writing 101, Day Twenty: The Things We Treasure

“For our final assignment tell the tale of your most prized possession.  For this final assignment, lead us through the history of an object that bears a special meaning to you.”

I Treasure My Youngest Grandson

Up front, let me say:

  • I treasure my other four grandchildren, as well.
  • They are not my “objects,” “things” or “prized possessions;” but they are my “treasures.”
  • I am grateful for my grandchildren’s gifts of unconditional love.
  • I have been blessed, while in their presence, with indescribable days filled with joy and happiness.

But, this post is about Cameron James Eccleston.  He is a valued treasure; and, I am proud of his  outstanding soccer accomplishments as well as his  academic achievements.

photo 4

photo 5


photo 2



Cameron started playing soccer when he was only three-years-old with a  neighborhood recreational program.

photo 3
Candid Photos Taken by Dad

Later,  Cameron moved up to a:

  • Summer 3V3 Soccer League, which played against other local, regional and national teams.   I, along with hubby,  cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends went to Orlando, Florida in 2009 and 2010 when he played in the national tournaments.
  • Fall, Winter and Spring, Cameron played with  FC Milwaukee, now known as FC Wisconsin.  FC Wisconsin’s stated purpose is “to represent and include the top players from throughout Wisconsin.”  It is one of only 80 clubs recognized by the U.S. Soccer Development Academy.

Cameron James Eccleston

Afte Game Time with Uncle Brian  – Chicago, Illinois

To further develop his soccer skills, Cameron joined a local Hispanic Futsal Winter League for three years.  Of the fourteen players, he was one of only two non-Hispanic team members.

Last year, our entire family was overjoyed when Cameron was invited to join the PFC Academy Soccer Team when they played for two weeks in Portugal and Spain.  He was assigned the Number 10 Jersey, which is normally considered the best player on the team.

Cameron E 5


photo 1

While, soccer takes up a lot of Cameron’s time, he dedicates an equal amount of time to achieve his academic goals.



One of his last middle-school assignments was to create an audio tape about his educational beliefs.  When I heard the audio, the tears flowed; and, I transcribed it as a lasting and treasured memory.

“My name is Cameron and I am in the 8th grade at Lumen Christi Catholic School.

I have Attention Deficit Disorder also known as ADD.  I have always wanted to succeed in school.  So, I know I have to put a little more effort into listening and studying.  I study at least two hours a night.  It might not seem that much, but the books we have to read are very short.

My friend is very intelligent, but he doesn’t work as hard. For all these years my friend has been getting better grades than me.  I have been sort of jealous so I tried to work harder.  I believed I could get better grades than him if I worked harder.

The last year of middle school my friend got a 3.0 grade point average; and, I got a 3.5.  I was so proud of myself and this is why I believe hard work beats talent.

I will always believe working hard is better than talent.  It is better to try and fail than not try at all.  This, I Believe.”

I treasure these words from Cameron; and, I want to preserve them to share with future generations in our family.

An Amazing 14-Year-Old


Cameron’s Awesome Parents.

Kim and Trevor Eccleston – PFC Academy – Spain 2013


Writing 101, Day Eighteen: Hone Your Point of View

“The Neighbourhood has seen better days, but Mrs. Pauley has lived there since before anyone can remember.  She raised a family of six boys, who’ve all grown up and moved away.  Since Mr. Pauley died three months ago, she’d had no income.  She fallen behind in the rent.  The landlord, accompanied by the police, have come to evict Mrs. Pauley from the house she’s lived in for years.”

I sat on the front porch confused and thinking, “This just isn’t fair.  Why are the police at Mrs. Pauley’s house?  All of her furniture is sitting on the sidewalk  What’s gonna happen to Mrs. Pauley?”

As these things raised through my mind, I said, “Gotta call Mama at work and let her know what’s happening.”

When they finally got Mama on the phone, I said, “The police are at Mrs. Pauley’s house.  Can you come home now?”

“Boy, I told you to never call me at work with none of your mess,” Mama said.

That didn’t work.  But, maybe, I can talk to the police.  I’m scared and they probably won’t listen.  I’m gonna ask them anyway, “Mr. Policeman can you leave Mrs. Pauley at my house? When mama gets home from work, we can call one of her children.”

The police patted my head, saying, “That’s nice of you young man.  You are a child and your mother isn’t home so I can’t leave her with you.  Since she has nowhere to go, we e will take her to the station.  Tell your mama she can come down and pick her up when she gets off work.”

When I told, Mama that Mrs. Pauley was at the police station, she said, “Boy, I thought you were telling another one of your stories just to get me home early.  See what happens when you tell tales.”

She grabbed her purse and the two of us rushed out to pick up Mrs. Pauley.

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