Weekly Wishes #6



Unfulfilled Wishes from Week #3, #4 and #5

Whoopee!!!!  Hooray!!!! Finally, I fulfilled two of the three remaining Wishes from Weeks #3, #4 and #5:

 On Saturday, I Exercised in the Pool for 45 minutes for the first time; since, I quit the Aqua Zumba class at the YMCA in August to go on vacation.   Wish Aqua Zumba was offered year-round; I will miss going to my “pool party” every Saturday morning.  I loved everything about this class.  Especially, the “salsa/hip hop music;” “low impact aquatic workout;” and, I had the “greatest time” with an “energetic and enthusiastic” group of women.  Since the pool will soon close at the YMCA, I will have to exercise “solo” in our pool at home.  Unless, I can get Hubby to join me.

Grateful for Exercising in the Pool and until the cold days arrive in Florida; I plan to merge water aerobics into my overall exercise program.

I Prepared a Healthy Meal from a Recipe, Fried Corn Zucchini Medley

Thanks to Grandma Loy’s Kitchen for sharing this quick and easy recipe on her blog.  I wanted a vegetarian dish as a side to grilled, skinless chicken breast; so, I omitted the bacon topping as she suggested.


Photo Taken on My IPAD

I urge you to visit Grandma Loy’s Kitchen for her recipe as well as a beautiful photo presentation of the dish posted on August 30, 2013.   I know you will not be disappointed.  Grandma Loy has collected recipes for over 50 years; and, I am so happy to have access to her Holiday Cookie Mix recipes when the Grands come for Christmas.

Sadly, I failed to fulfill my Wish to Learn About My New Digital Camera.  But, I did overcome my anxiety about digital camera technology.  At the beginning of last week, I removed the camera from its packaging, read the directions, and charged the battery.  Then realized, I should have purchased a “memory card.”   So, I placed an on-line order, which arrived on Friday.  I will revisit this project next week.

Fulfilled Wishes from Week #5

I did fulfill my two new Wishes for Week #5 to make blog connections with caregivers and survivors of Breast Cancer and Chronic Pain.  I toured Blogosphere and subscribed and/or joined:

  • 12 Chronic Pain Blogs
  • 34 Breast Cancer Blogs

My stay at each blog site was very brief; given the thirty-four that I located and visited over a seven-day period.  But in the coming months, I plan longer visits to each blog.

As a survivor of both Breast Cancer and Chronic Pain, I am excited about connecting with other survivors with the Wish of sharing and learning about the personal experiences, opinions, attitudes, and/or sentiments of survivors, families, and/or caregivers.

My Wishes for Week #6

  • Prepare a Healthy Dessert
  • Review YouTube Videos on Canon Digital Cameras
  • Calendar of Activities:  Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Post Breast Cancer:  A Grateful Survivor – Part 1
  • Visit and Comment on Eight Breast Cancer Blogs
  • In Support of Sisters Network-Milwaukee Chapter:  Display Pink Wreath on Front Door



Author: SeasonedSistah2

During this final season life, I am going on a journey to define "ME." Opening up and going outside of my comfort zone to redefine ME.. Exploring and pursuing new interests that will lead to personal happiness, serenity, and tranquility. In undertaking this mission, overcoming the FEAR is my greatest challenge. Fear has played a large role in my life, but I overcame the FEAR of breast cancer, chronic pain associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and Sleep Apnea. My new mantra: FEAR has two meanings: "(1) Forget Everything And Run, or (2) Face Everything and Rise. The Choice is Mine." Blogging here I come ready or not!!!

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