Took a six month break from blogging; and, I return re-energized and re-invigorated.  Grateful for this break.  It allowed me to reconnect with family and friends as well as SELF.

While away, I spent a great deal of time BEING STILL, GOING WITHIN and SEARCHING for the right path to follow in order to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST. Not sure what will cross my path on this journey, but I am open to those things that bring LOVE, PEACE,  and HAPPINESS into my life.  Though 74-years-young, I believe there are still new:

  • things to learn;
  • people to meet;
  • places to visit, and
  • past memories to record.

I plan to use this blog as the platform to:

  • Share life experiences; and
  • Store memories because some are fading.


Two years ago dissatisfied with the photos captured on my IPhone, IPad and Canon point-and-shoot camera, I gifted SELF with a Nikon 5200 Digital Camera.  Some in my family, I am sure with good intentions, didn’t see the value in a 72-year-old grandmother purchasing, “such an expensive camera.”

Since then, I drifted through online photography courses as well hours of reading through different photography books including, “Nikon D5200 for Dummies.”

Last week, I attended a three-hour class, Photographing Camellias, which was  held at one of our local botanical gardens.  I went to the class with our 25-year-old granddaughter, who is with us for an extended visit,

Fessing up! I was a bit intimidated by the other attendees.  I came with my granddaughter and Nikon 5200 Camera.  They came with their camera along with a lot of different  equipment and supplies. Things that I had never seen before.

Minutes into the class, it became clear:

  • My skill set was far lower than the others attendees, including my granddaughter; and
  • This class was too advanced for my skill level.

Determined to make it a positive learning experience, for over three hours, I:

  • Enjoyed the beauty of the Camellia flowers;
  • Captured photos;
  • Observed the instructor and other attendees;  and
  • Questioned those things that I did not understand.


Whle I enjoyed the photography class and the beauty of the Camellia flowers, watching my granddaughter as she took photos brought so much LOVE, PEACE AND HAPPINESS INTO MY LIFE.


PHOTOGRAPHS BY: SeasonedSistah2 (Yvonne)



PHOTOGRAPHS BY: Chelsea Yvonne King














Author: SeasonedSistah2

During this final season life, I am going on a journey to define "ME." Opening up and going outside of my comfort zone to redefine ME.. Exploring and pursuing new interests that will lead to personal happiness, serenity, and tranquility. In undertaking this mission, overcoming the FEAR is my greatest challenge. Fear has played a large role in my life, but I overcame the FEAR of breast cancer, chronic pain associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and Sleep Apnea. My new mantra: FEAR has two meanings: "(1) Forget Everything And Run, or (2) Face Everything and Rise. The Choice is Mine." Blogging here I come ready or not!!!


  1. I too have a digital camera given to me as a retirement gift. It has many functions that elude me. At a recent photography lesson, I was told that taking pictures of flowers and birds is more difficult than most of us think!
    I love your posts and pictures so please keep up with your blog! You’ve got fans out there.

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  2. My daughter points a camera at what to me appears nothing and comes away with an amazing photo, I on the hand can spend time arranging everything and come away with something…interesting! We come back.

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      1. Yvonne, you are so sweet! I am so honored that I can be all that for you as you are all of those lovely sentiments to me! Together we help eachother and hold our connections sacred. Your photos are truly beautiful! Keep up the great work! xo


  3. I ditto vivachange77 . It has been many years since I took pictures regularly – a time when point-and-shoots worked just fine for my needs, and “upscale” cameras were in the hands of professionals, for the most part. Simpler times.

    I’m glad you didn’t let the nay-sayers stop you from enjoying your gift to self (or buying it). I hope they get it before they’re your age and people do that to them!! Meanwhile, keep learning and taking pictures – you’ll amaze them all!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”


  4. I love how you were able (and willing) to find an opportunity in a situation that might have been discouraging to others. The pictures were just lovely and I hope you were able to learn some great tips from the class.


    1. I did learn a lot and the class encourage me to explore and learn more about photography. Luckily, my 25-year-old granddaughter is on an extended visit so I have been gifted with an in’house supporter and lover of photography to guide me. I appreciate your comments.

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  5. Lovely post, I’m so glad to have found you in the blogosphere. I took some drawing and writing (and blogging) workshops when I first retired. It’s a great feeling to have a new interest that is all yours. And storing memories is the best. Someday our kids and grandkids will thank us. I look forward to reading all of your upcoming posts! 🙂


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