Weekly Wishes #2

 Last week, I was confident that I would breeze right through my “Wishes” for “Week #1.” In fact, I felt a little guilty.  After all, had I not been following these same practices for months, maybe even years?  But, I quickly realized routine and simple things are not easily attainable even when you make a “Wish.

Things Happen!!!! 

Excruciating knee pain interfered with my plan to “EXERCISEdaily for 30-60 minutes.  But after getting a cortisone injection last Monday, I experienced immediate pain relief; and, was able to exercise between 45 and 60 minutes at the YMCA for three days.


“MEDITATE” didn’t “Happen.”  Other than spending more time than planned writing my “Mother–Daughter Vacation” blog post this past week, I can’t pinpoint anything else.


On Thursday, Hubby and I went to dinner with a very nice couple that we met at the YMCA.  Hubby doesn’t drink.  For ME, it’s no fun drinking alone.  There are times when I will have a social drink when in the presence of others.  Because our friends ordered cocktails, I ordered my favorite — Margarita on The Rocks.  The one alcoholic drink and the late night changed my routine; as a result I did not “SLEEP” the  normal 7-8 hours Thursday night.  But, I had a great time socializing with Hubby and friends.

Without realizing it, we seemed to have moved away from “being in the presence of others” since retiring in Florida more than three years ago.   Not sure why, I will need to dig deeper into this with Hubby.


The dining out with friends along with a long-term addiction to carbonated soda, I was unable to fulfill my “Food Wish.”   I ingested carbs, sugar, fats, and soda.  But, my coffee and soda drinks were all caffeine-free.

But, Some Wishes Come True!!!

“HYDRATE,” was easy – but expensive.   I took “HYDRATION” up a notch and added fresh lemons to my 10-12 glasses of water.  Currently, at my local grocery stores three lemons costs $1.99.  But, from what I have read the health benefits of adding lemons to water outweighs the cost.   


whoopee!!!  Whoopee!!! Great Job!!! – I completed one of the five things on my “Weekly Wishes #1” list.  But, I am staying positive — rejecting negative.

“Today is Better than Yesterday and Tomorrow The Possibilities are Unlimited.” 

Excited to begin “Weekly Wishes #2.”  I plan to continue working toward fulfilling the “Wishes” I made in “Week #1”. 

In addition, my “WISHES”  for “Week #2 ” are to:

  • Smile and Laugh More
  • Each Day Give Something Good To Others
  • Express Gratitude Daily
  • Stay In Touch with Extended Family and Friends
  • Rest and Relax


Sending a “shout out” to two “Weekly Wishes” blogger — Stages of Gold and The Nectar Collective.