Weekly Photo Challenge – June 19, 2015

Roy G. Biv

Acronym: Made of the first letters of the seven colors of the rainbow:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.

Challenge:  One or More Images Containing All Seven Colors.  

After checking out the challenge on Friday, I searched through the likely photo albums and  couldn’t find one or any combination of photos to meet this challenge.

Then, late last night, I thought of the photos taken on a visit last year to one of the local shopping malls and I was distracted, in a good way, with the 2014 Christmas Decorations.

I think the photos shared touches on all seven colors.  Do you agree?






Weekly Photo Challenge – May 22, 2015


photo 4

I painted this Santa Claus pecan resin figurine more than twenty years ago.  During the Xmas holiday seasons, my eldest daughter displays the figurines that I painted those many years ago.  And, every year, she carefully packs them away.

In fact, I took this photo when I stayed in her home this past Thanksgiving.

Several days ago, I was showing photos of my Santa paintings to a friend.  And, for the first time I noticed the missing head on the little girl.

I checked with my daughter who did not realize it had broken.  She said,

“Things that we cherish break, but I choose to keep the broken as a cherished memory.”